This Bride From MP Wants In-Laws To Plant 10,000 Saplings As A Wedding Gift


As far as wedding traditions are concerned, the Gwalior-Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh have a ritual of asking the bride for ornaments and clothes as a choice of gift on the occasion of her wedding. But 22-year-old Priyanka Bhadoriya, a science graduate and resident of Kisipura village in Bhind district, chose to look beyond the dazzling pieces of jewelry and her response left everyone in awe of her spirit. She demanded of her in-laws to plant 10,000 saplings, which comes from the realisation of her father’s constant battle as a farmer amidst droughts.


“I have been planting saplings from the age of 10. When my marriage was fixed on Earth Day, I was very happy. The environment reminded me of my emotional bonding with it,” said Priyanka in a report to HindustanTimes.

Both, her family members and her in-laws were puzzled on learning about Priyanka’s demand. But the groom, Ravi Chauhan, immediately obliged, accepting the idea with open arms and the couple tied the knot on Friday. Priyanka wishes for half the saplings to be planted at her parent’s house and the rest of it at her in-laws’ place.

The newly-weds have planted two saplings of mango as they believe it is considered pious by nature and have vowed to plant a sapling each year on their wedding anniversary. Moreover, Priyanka has also expressed her desire to distribute saplings among other people, including farmers and social workers.

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